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united states k1 fiance visa from colombia - k-1 fiancee lawyer

United States Fiancé Visas  (K-1)

We know how much you want to be together

Our experienced attorneys have helped countless couples achieve their dream of marriage in the United States  


Obtaining the grant of a fiancee visa is complex.  Immigration law is always changing.  Our attorneys intimately know the intricacies of the process and are adept at avoiding pitfalls and aggressively representing visa petitioners. 

Learn more about the K-1 fiancee visa: 

About the K-1 Visa

Clients love our physical presence in north Bogota, Colombia!  Schedule a personal consultation with our United States trained American lawyers in Bogota. 


Contact our team of skilled lawyers:

United States   (+1) 347-772-2188

Colombia          (+57) 300-336-9681

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