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Carlos Olarte


Colombian Attorney 


Mr. Olarte focuses his legal practice on Immigration and Litigation matters.  He is an attorney with over 21 years of experience in commercial law, immigration law and naturalization issues in Colombia and the U.S., and is a graduate of Colombia’s Universidad Libre.


His broad experience in commercial and immigration law in the U.S. made him an invaluable asset as the General Manager of ABC General Distributors, Inc. a U.S.-based company focused on commercial imports. He later served as a consultant for the Colombian Embassy in Washington, DC regarding immigration issues.

Attorney Olarte regularly advises banks and private corporations in Colombia and the United States in transactional and litigation matters. He served as a committee advisor during the negotiations of the Free Trade Agreement in Atlanta, Georgia. Mr. Olarte previously served as the president of Prodecol USA, where he successfully advised clients in the legal formation, structuring and strategy of businesses in the United States using investor visas.


Mr. Olarte is a highly sought-after panelist for speaking engagements, in particular in treatments of the intersection of Colombia and U.S. law.  Mr. Olarte has appeared on various media outlets including CNN, the W Radio Station, the Georgia Latino News, and Lawrenceville News.  




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