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United States Fiancé Visa for Your Colombian Fiancee

K1 Fiance Visa From Colombia


K-1 Visa for Your Colombian Fiance

The Fiancé Visa, also known as the K1 Fiancée Visa, allows United States citizens to bring their loved ones from Colombia to the United States to marry. This visa allows a 90 day stay in the United States and once the marriage takes place, you can request an "Adjustment of Status," so that your Colombian spouse can stay to live and work in the U.S. as a Legal Resident.  


Basic Requirements for the Fiance Visa from Colombia

  1. The person filing the application must be a U.S. citizen 

  2. The couple must have the legitimate intent of marrying

  3. The petitioner and the Colombian fiance must be single or legally divorced

  4. The couple must have seen each other in person within the last two years

  5. The petitioner must have sufficient income to support the household

  6. After the application is reviewed by USCIS in the United States, it will be sent to the Embassy in Bogota, Colombia for a second review



  • The United States Embassy in Colombia reviews these applications very carefully, for this reason you must have vast proof of the legitimacy of your relationship, of your income, and of your fiancee's clean criminal and immigration records 

  • Fees, costs, and expenses for a K1 fiance visa


Our lawyers have successfully assisted countless couples during their fiancé visa process. Because we have permanent offices in the United States and in Colombia we understand and can guide you through all stages of the visa petition. If you would like skilled assistance with a K-1 Visa for your Colombian fiance or fiancee, please contact us. 


Contact our office in the United States at 347-772-2188.

Contact our office Bogota, Colombia at 300-336-9681.

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