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Visa Cancellation or Revocation


Assistance with Revoked Visas and Cancelled Visas


Each day hundreds of people receive notice that their United States visa has been cancelled or revoked. The government official who revokes the visa, however, seldom explains the reasons for the revocation or what can be done to solve the problem. The most common reasons that lead to a visa cancellation or a visa revocation are:


  • Suspicion that the person has or will violate the terms of the visa

  • Suspicion that the person lied to a U.S. government official

  • Suspicion that the person is involved in criminal activities

  • Confusion regarding the identity of the person (homonyms)


Our immigration lawyers frequently assist people whose visas have been cancelled or revoked. Call us in the United States at 347-772-2188. Call us in Bogota, Colombia at 300-336-9681. 

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