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Visas for Entertainment Groups


About P-1 Visas

The P-1 Visas are work visas for entertainment groups that have international merit and have a contract to perform in the United States.


Basic Requirements

  1. The visa is issued for the specific length of time that the foreign entertainment group's services are needed. Because of this requirement, a contract with specific dates is generally required. 

  2. This visa generally requires an advisory opinion from peer groups, or experts in the field, that attest to the entertainer's skill level. 

  3. At least 75% of the entertainment group must have performed together, generally, over the last year. 



  • These visa applications can be processed very fast, if the employer chooses to file with expedited processing

  • If the foreign employee generally works through an agent, the agent may serve as the applicant

  • Spouses and minor children of the foreign worker may accompany the foreign worker. 


If you would like skilled assistance with any United States visa or immigration matter, please contact us. Our knowledgeable lawyers would be happy to assist. 

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